February 16, 2012

Shawnee Mountain Raises Money For Local Charities

Shawnee-on-Delaware, PA - Shawnee Mountain is pleased to announce its donation of all the proceeds from the Pennsylvania Learn to Ski Day held January 5 on the Ski Area’s Learning Center. A total of $960 was donated to the Bushkill Outreach. The Bushkill Outreach is a local food bank affiliated with the Reformed Church of Bushkill and St. John’s Catholic Church of Bushkill, PA.

Recently on Saturday and Sunday, Feb 4, Shawnee Mountain held its annual Race Against Cancer on the Upper Tomahawk NASTAR Race Trail. Race fee proceeds, along with corporate sponsorships and individual donations raised $7,446, all of which has been sent to Monroe County Chapter of the American Cancer Society. Both Pennsylvania Learn to Ski Day and the Race Against Cancer are long standing Shawnee Mountain Events and along with other fundraisers are held annually at the family orientated Ski Area.

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