March 1, 2012

March Roars in Like a Lion with a Major Leap Day Storm!

Highmount, NY - True to the cliche, March is in fact roaring in like a ferocious lion as the Northeast is getting pounded with a major Leap Day Storm that is supposed to last through the night into tomorrow! You might have no snow in your back yard, we have tons of it in ours and we made most of it ourselves! Add to that fact that we are currently in the middle of the first major winter storm of the season that is forecasted to dump up to ten inches of powder and Belleayre is looking like the place to be and to ski as we have been adding new terrain all week!

When you think of New York, you think of Manhatten, Staten Island and Long Island etc. When you see snow, you think skiing…the public perception that winter is over is wrong because you might not have tons of snow in your yard, but we sure do! It’s the best of both worlds - a busy, bustling day, shopping, dining and hanging out with friends off of the slopes in the local villages and a short car ride to the slopes to get some mileage on your skis and boards with some pristine conditions. You CAN have your cake and eat it too at Belleayre Mountain. Although Mother Nature has been downright nasty to us this season, we have finally gotten a break; conditions have been getting even more spectacular! The latest snowfall combined with snowmaking temperatures this past week have helped to make up some grounds. There is a perception of the lack of snow and that skiing is done and over with; but we are open for business and we have snow, and tons of it! The snow on the mountain is a spectacular sight!

There is nothing like fresh snow, cool crisp air and perfect corduroy in the morning! The staff at Belleayre Mountain is overtly friendly and the terrain is beautiful and not only do you get the perfectly groomed out snow under your feet as you rip down the slopes but you get the beautiful views on your way up to the top! Don’t let Mother Nature get away easy – we haven’t! Remember, we aren’t fighting the perception of no snow; we are knocking it down full force and stomping all over it! Skiing is what you make of it and Belleayre is a place for good times, good people and good old fashioned fun out on the slopes.

Snowmaking has been in progress over the last few nights and Mother Nature has finally been pitching in and starting to pull her weight too. Snowmakers have been beefing up the open terrain and the groomers have been working their magic. We are in peak season right now and conditions couldn’t be better as we have been adding new terrain all week!

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