February 18, 2011

Waterville Valley Ski Resort Using Renewable Fuel

Waterville Valley, NH - Led by the Sununu Family, a local group of investors recently purchased Waterville Valley Ski Area from California based Booth Creek Resorts. Since the fall 2010 sale, new management has made many improvements in their quest to become New England's premiere resort. It now appears Waterville Valley is quickly becoming New England's premiere environmentally sustainable resort.

Chris Sununu, an environmental engineer and the resort's Chief Executive Officer, recently announced they have partnered with American Energy Independence Company (AMENICO), a Pittsfield, NH, based renewable fuel producer, to collect their used cooking oil, process it, and return it to the resort for use as a renewable boiler fuel. "Our industry depends on cold temperatures and lots of snow. The entire Waterville Valley Resort management team is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, offsetting foreign oil imports, and following sustainable environmental practices. Choosing AMENICO is just one of many steps we've taken to achieve these goals." said Chris Sununu.

Tony Giunta, President of AMENICO, is excited to be working with Waterville Valley Ski Resort. "It was great news to hear the Sununu family was involved in purchasing the Resort. They have a long family history of environmental stewardship and protection. AMENICO has offset nearly 1.5 million gallons of fossil fuel usage and has reduced carbon emission s by more than 15,000 tons. I knew the Sununu's would love our story and would want to be a partner in our sustainability efforts."

In the partnership, AMENICO collects waste cooking oils from Waterville Valley Resort properties, transports them to their production facility in Pittsfield, NH, where they are then manufactured into a renewable diesel fuel. The renewable fuel is then returned to the Resort where it is blended with heating oil and burned for heat recovery.

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