April 6, 2011

Wrap up Winter at the Spring Festival!

Sun Peaks, BC - It’s been a spring full of incredible conditions and epic powder days. Over 175cm of snow fell in March, making it the snowiest month of the year! With more fresh snow in the forecast and sunshine for the weekend, the last few days of the season are promising to be no different.

The Spring Festival, April 9 and 10, is full of fun, free events for the whole family as we celebrate the last 141 days of skiing and riding the slopes of Sun Peaks.

80’s Retro Weekend – Saturday & Sunday

This weekend is going to be totally radical at Sun Peaks as the fun and colourful 80’s return to the slopes! Dress up in your most bodacious outfit and hit the slopes for some double daffy’s and back scratchers. Break out the rear-entry boots, straight skis, and neon one-piece outfits! Plus, don’t miss live entertainment from the band ‘Scarecrow’ provided by Okanagan Spring Brewery. And don’t forget to apply and reapply the zinc!

Human Dog Sled Race – Saturday, April 9 at 10:00am

Mush! Mush! Mush! Gather your friends and enter a team for the all-new Human Dog Sledding Races. Each team consists of four team members, including three sled pullers and one sled rider. The race sled will be provided for the competition, all you have to do is register and participate in the 100 metre mad dash! Points will be awarded for best costume, fastest time, and overall team spirit.

Dummy Downhill – Saturday, April 9 at 12:30pm (Registration closes at 11:00am)

Get your team together and start building your dummy for the annual Sun Peaks Dummy Downhill. All dummies need to be firmly attached to a set of skis capable of sliding down the hill, and hitting our custom built dummy downhill jump. Points are awarded for originality, design, appearance, and level of explosiveness upon impact. This is a great event for participants as well as spectators. Bring the video camera to capture the action!

Slush Cup – Sunday, April 10 at 12:30pm (Registration closes at 11:00am)

It’s hands down the funniest competition to take place on the slopes of Sun Peaks as participants dress up in costumes and hurl themselves across an ice cold slush pond. The goal? Make it to the dry shore at the far end of the pond! Points are awarded for costume, style, and overall crowd appeal and the winners have a chance to win some terrific prizes. This is a family event so all costumes must be tasteful and appropriate for all ages.

Top to Bottom's Race – Sunday, April 10 at 4:30pm (Registration closes at 2:30pm)

It’s the last run of the season and it’s all about speed. >From the Top of the World to Bottoms Bar & Grill, the first racer to ring the bell at Bottoms is declared the winner. Entrants must stay on the designated course on the 5 Mile Ski Run. Speed suits are not permitted, but costumes are encouraged.

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