May 8, 2012

North Conway’s Cranmore Mountain Adds New Zipline and Segway Tours to Its Mountain Adventure Park Activities

N. Conway, NH - Cranmore Mountain readies to open for its second summer season on Saturday, May 26, 2012. With new rides and attractions being added, Cranmore’s Adventure Park is sure to make a memorable Memorial Day weekend for families visiting the North Conway, NH area. In New England’s most popular resort town of North Conway, Cranmore offers a variety of fun rides and activities for all ages. New for this summer, Cranmore will offer the Soaring Eagle Zipline as well as Mountain Segway Tours.

“We are thrilled to be opening two new activities for this summer. They represent a significant investment in our Mountain Adventure Park and will provide families with even more to do during a visit here,” stated Cranmore GM and President, Ben Wilcox. The Soaring Eagle is under construction now and will open in late June or early July. "We can’t wait," said Wilcox. “We found the perfect thrill ride to add to the mix here and best of all, it’s family-friendly.”

The Soaring Eagle Zip Line will be located at the base of the mountain next to the Summer Tubing Park and Giant Swing. A zip line carrying two riders each zips 700 feet up the slope, and then zips back at approximately 35 miles per hour. Unlike a typical canopy type zip line tour, riders are secured into a “chair” that gives them freedom of movement for the arms and legs. The zipline loads at the bottom of the mountain just a few steps off the ground. Guests can enjoy unlimited rides on the Zip Line along with other rides as part of Cranmore’s Value Pass which costs just $39 for a full day of activities. Early season discounts apply through 6/23/12 on Value Passes with $10 for over 48" tall and $5 off for under 48" tall.

Also new at the resort are Mountain Segway Tours which traverse the surrounding streets and mountain slopes on these revolutionary transporters. The technology inside a Segway consists of an intelligent network of sensors, mechanical assemblies, and control systems that balance and move along on two wheels. The second a passenger steps on the Segway, five micro-machined gyroscopes and two accelerometers sense the changing terrain and body position at 100 times per second. Each 90 minute session includes 30 minutes of training and a 60 minute tour including on-road and off-road routes. The tour guide will provide interesting insights all along the route for a fun and informative ride around the mountain and neighborhood. Cranmore’s Segway Tours feature the x2 model, tuned for cross-terrain. The tours cost $65 per person and are for ages 16+ only.

The Segway Tours and Soaring Eagle Zip Line join a variety of activities and attractions that are also part of their summer operations.

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