January 4, 2010

64 Trails Open at Saddleback

Rangeley, Maine - Approximately three feet of snow fell at Saddleback since New Year's Eve, allowing the ski resort to open all but two of its trails, including Casablanca, the largest glade in the Northeast.

"The weather folks were spot on with their forecasting of this most recent weather event," said Conrad Klefos, director of marketing at Saddleback. "The storm trough pulled directly over Saddleback and it dumped! Best estimate we have is 24 to 30 inches overnight which brings the snowfall total since Thursday to 34 to 42 inches."
Klefos was one of the first skiers to try out the new 44-acre Casablanca. "I believe that this glade will catch a lot of wind blown snow and we will ultimately have some very deep bases there. The glade skis very well and it was exhilarating with this deep thick powder."
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