January 5, 2010

Rocky Mountain Sky Tram Premiere

“Rocky Mountain Sky Tram”
National Geographic Channel
Thursday, January 7 at 6pm (MST)

Teton Village, WY - In April of 2006 Jackson Hole’s famed Aerial Tram made its final winter voyage to the summit of Rendezvous Mountain. The removal and subsequent construction of a bigger, better, and faster tram is one the greatest feats of engineering in the ski world, and the subject of a National Geographic production called “Man-Made: Rocky Mountain Sky Tram” scheduled to air this Thursday at 4pm Eastern time.
The show, which chronicles the amazing story of the most iconic lift in North American skiing, is part of a series on the greatest engineering marvels, and the stories behind them. Peter Pilafian, producer of this National Geographic television program, as well as the original DVD version, “Cable To The Sky”, adds: “When people step into their bindings on top of Rendezvous Mountain--in my opinion the greatest ski mountain in the US, they probably are amazed at how fast and smoothly they got there. Now this new documentary will peel back the layers of a uniquely challenging construction project: building America’s tallest ski lift and keeping it safe. It is the fascinating story of a heroic team effort, bad weather, and state-of the-art engineering.”

From the National Geographic Channel: “For over 40 years the Big Red Box at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, carried skiers, hikers, paragliders, and sightseers up to the 3200 meter (10,600 ft) summit of Rendezvous Mountain. But nothing lasts forever…”
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