January 5, 2010

Thiago Touches Down at Sun Peaks

The Official Snow Bum Arrives for 3-Month Stay

Sun Peaks, BC - As the Best Job in the World wrapped up in Queensland, Australia on New Years Eve, the winner of a promotion inspired by the Queensland video contest arrived at a BC Interior Ski Resort.
29 year old Thiago Lucena from São Paul, Brazil landed at Kamloops Airport today to begin a three-month stay at Sun Peaks Resort as their official Snow Bum. His role? To ski, snowboard, dogsled, snowmobile, attend resort events, and then tell the world about his experiences using social media avenues such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Thiago will also be writing blogs for www.snowbumcanada.com.
A crowd of journalists, resort representatives and curious onlookers were on hand to welcome Thiago as he stepped into the airport terminal off a flight from Vancouver.

“It’s exciting to be here! I never expected to be treated like a celebrity,” said Thiago at Kamloops Airport. “This is going to be an incredible experience. When I go to Chile and Argentina, it’s only 10 days of skiing…this is 3 months!”
Tourism Sun Peaks’ President Christopher Nicolson says the Snow Bum contest was inspired by the Queensland promotion and it’s very fitting that Thiago arrives at Sun Peaks for HIS dream job, after Ben Southall wrapped up his year as the Island Caretaker in Australia. “After the build up over phone and email, it’s great to meet such a fantastic individual in person.”
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