November 22, 2010

Cool Since 1966

Stony Mountain, MB - Stony Mountain Ski Area is looking at opening for ski season next weekend, thanks to recent cold weather and the recent snowfalls.

"The recent snowfall and the cold weather allowed us to start up snowmaking operations last Thursday and we have been going 24/7 since then," said Heather Dewar, co-owner. "The recent snow of 15 - 20 cm has been a welcome assist from Mother Nature this year."

Last year local ski areas opened 2 - 3 week s later due to unseasonably warm fall and the early spring further reduced the length of the season. Ski areas are hoping for a much better season this year.

“Last year we opened December 12 so we were 3 weeks behind,” explained Dewar. The recent snowfall has sparked interest in snow enthusiasts with the phones and internet super busy. "We are getting numerous inquiries from people interested in learning how to ski or snowboard this year," said Dewar.

Stony Mountain Ski Area anticipates opening next Saturday.

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