November 18, 2010

Greetings from Wild Mountain!

Taylors Falls, MN - This past couple of days have been better for snowmaking. It is fun to watch our wide strip of snow get even wider each day. Although, with the 8” of natural snow we received last weekend it almost looks like we could be 100% open. If the forecast holds true we anticipate having a minimum of 5 runs, 2 ropes, 1 conveyor and 2 chairs open by Saturday.

Wild Mountain has an exciting weekend planned for all of you snow lovers. This weekend we are happy to team up with the world’s best ski and snowboard manufacturers to present our 34th Annual Demo Days. Now you have the opportunity to “test drive” the products that you have seen reviews about in the national publications. Try from a wide variety of brands and models you will be sure to find the gear that fits your needs and style. Make a list of your top choices, then head to your favorite local shop and make your buy! Don’t miss this opportunity to see and hear from the world’s best ski and snowboard manufacturers.

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